The Short-Term Rental market is booming. Did you know you can start this profitable business even if you do not own a property?

Did you know the U.S. has one of the strongest tourism sectors in the world? And the short-term rental industry is growing at faster rates than ever.

Nothing new so far, you might think. Yet, you’ve never considered this type of business before as you think you need to own a property in order to start off.

And buying properties is expensive!

However, it turns out many property owners don’t even know they can monetize their property and they end up missing a huge opportunity. 

After all, the entire BnB ecosystem moved to the Internet now, and not everyone has the digital skills they need.

So what?

Well, we found a solution to this issue. And it’s just as simple as it is brilliant. It makes real estate owners happy and allows you to earn unbelievable amounts of money by dedicating a few hours a month to your business.

Whether you are a property owner or a broke college student like I was when I got started, this business really is for everyone, because you will be leveraging other people’s assets.

" The guru of hospitality "

Historically, people who had access to large sums of money would not hesitate to invest in real estate. These people thought their investment was safe, until their dream crumbled before their eyes.
With the 2008 housing crash, property prices collapsed, and renting out properties became riskier, because if tenants lost their job and could not afford to pay the rent, evicting them and replacing them was a tough and expensive task.

As a result, a lot of property owners would prefer leaving the properties empty rather renting to a non-paying tenant. So what if you could step in and resolve their problem by guaranteeing them a safe and consistent cash flow? Do you think they would be interested? Of course, they would. So how does it work? When you think about it, it’s simple: rather than renting long-term, with all the risks that come with it, we transform the apartments into short-term rental properties and we post them on Airbnb.

With platforms such as Airbnb, guests pay in advance, use the house less, and are insured for any damage.
Profits are guaranteed.
The short-term rental industry has been revolutionized by digital players, especially Airbnb and, two platforms that can attract dozens of new customers interested in staying in your home every month. Maybe just for one or two nights.
These websites are popular and accessible to everyone.

Ludovico Cianchetta

Short-Rent Guru in Europe
Founder of BnB Academy

A friend of mine had an empty apartment, but she didn’t want to find a long-term tenant as she had had some negative experiences.

I rented her accommodation from her, I posted it on Airbnb using specific marketing techniques, and (within a week) I had the first customers. I made a profit right away: the first month I had already earned more than $4,000 in profit, with just one apartment. 

All of this without investing large amounts of time or capital forming a company. When you get started, you can get proof of concept and start making money immediately, and worry about the legal stuff as you scale.

This is an incredible opportunity: it’s a new way of bringing the Internet and digital economy into the lives of people who are not digitally savvy, and you will be making good money with real estate, without investing large sums of capital.
I am not lying when I say that this business has radically transformed my life, forever.

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